Each location is an innovation centre


TCG UNITECH is researching, developing and manufacturing at five locations in Austria and China. Each location has its clearly defined core area of competence. This amounts up to the comprehensive and, yet, highly specialised range of services that make us one of the leading suppliers on the market.


Plant 1 - Kirchdorf

Steiermärker Straße 49
4560 Kirchdorf an der Krems

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Plant 2 - Micheldorf

Kollingerfeld 2
4563 Micheldorf

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Plant 3 - Kirchdorf

Bahnhofstraße 36
4560 Kirchdorf an der Krems

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Plant 4 - Rohr im Kremstal

Bad Haller Straße 40
4550 Rohr im Kremstal

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China (Joint Venture)

39-11-2 Gangxing Street
116600 Dalian City

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