An agile and courageous team

A responsible company needs an agile, courageous team.

We are firmly convinced that our TCG team spirit is the most important success factor of TCG UNITECH. The motto of our group of companies “Added Value, in Everthing We Do” is the guarantor for this. We therefore use our talents and skills in our daily interaction to generate a general added value for the company as well as for our external partners.

We want to offer people the opportunity to contribute and develop their talents and skills in a meaningful way. Based on our core values, we act with commitment, mutual respect and understanding for each other – our driving forces for team and company success.

Dipl. Ing. Thomas Schmalzer

CEO / General Manager

Mag. (FH) Stefan Eitelsebner

Mag. (FH) Stefan Eitelsebner

Christoph Jirosch M.Sc.

Head of SCM & Operational Excellence

Philipp Pertl B.Sc.

Head of Human Resources

Bernhard Resch B.Sc

Head of Engineering

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Reinhard Baumschlager

Head of Sales

Ing. Davor Golub B.Sc. M.A.

Head of Production

Ing. Wolfgang Wiest

Head of Project Management and New Business Development

Dipl. Ing. Bernhard Schmiedinger

Head of Information Management / Organization

Christoph Hochrieser M.Sc.

Head of Quality Management