General principle

Added Value, in Everything we Do

In every partnership with and to TCG UNITECH, our value-oriented, consistent and reliable basic attitude embodies the cooperative action – always effective as well as result- and solution-oriented.

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What distinguishes our actions?

WE have an enthusiasm for innovation: in cooperation with our customers and industry experts, we develop innovative and convincing solutions.

WE live “Quality First” and listen carefully to our customers, advise sensibly, produce efficient and with high quality.

WE act sustainably: our lightweight components lead to reduced energy- and CO2-emissions for our customers. To this end, we also adapt our production processes.

WE are strong as a team: our actions are based on commitment, reason, mutual respect and understanding. Honesty and trust form the basis of our cooperation.

WE inspire our customers: we act in such a way that we are seen as an indispensable and innovative partner. We want to inspire our customers with our products as well as with our service. Therefore, we are constantly working to develop our service-level and to exceed the expectations placed in us.

OUR joint action generates added value for everyone in the Gnutti Carlo Group. “Added Value, in Everything we Do” is a guarantee for OUR success in the team and the company.