High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting in accordance with sophisticated standards

High pressure die casting is the perfect technology for manufacturing technical light metal components in high quantities. Our services consist of three steps: Moulding and die-cutting, surface treatment (machining, cleaning), and packing.

The actual moulding is followed by the cutting process and machining of the surfaces. The integration of these three steps into a harmonic process proves to be the key for the improvement of quality, lead times, and total costs. The assembly of the basic components, including complex assemblies, completes our service.

TCG UNITECH utilises state-of-the-art and highly automated high pressure die casting machines in this high pressure die casting process. In this way, high-quality and highly complex components made of aluminium and magnesium can be achieved, which we directly deliver to the assembly lines.

Our machines in high pressure die casting:

31 advanced cold chamber high pressure die casting plants:

  • 28 machines with clamping forces of 340 to 2,800 tons for aluminium alloys
  • 3 machines with clamping forces of 530 to 1,200 tons for magnesium alloys.

Precise mechanical machining

Here, we predominantly utilise machines with robot loading and fully interlinked manufacturing plants.

Our machines in machining:

TCG UNITECH produces on more than 95 machining and assembly machines (single- and multiple-spindle machining centres with up to 13 axes that enable a highly productive 5-axis machining).

Technological highlights:

  • Steering housing production on 12 automated machining centres, 2 blasting plants, and 2 conveyorised cleaning plants with integrated packing lines
  • Semi-automated machining of water and oil pump housings and covers with 5-axis machining centres
  • 2 fully interlinked manufacturing plants: premachining, cleaning, assembly, final machining, cleaning, 100% inline measurement, sealing ring installation, 100% visual inspection, and packing

Finishing and quality checks are the last production steps and simultaneously an additional guarantee for flawless products.