Engineering / Simulation

Full-scale computer-aided engineering

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) encompasses all variants of computer-aided operation processes in development. At TCG UNITECH, this not only includes simulation, but also validation and optimisation of products, processes, and manufacturing methods. Our design and development experts work on the digital component development and mould design using state-of-the-art systems and strictly meeting the customer standards.

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At TCG UNITECH, the CAE applications support a wide variety of engineering disciplines and phenomena. For instance:

  • Temperature and flow analysis using numerical flow simulations in high pressure die casting and injection moulding (CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Finite elements (FE) calculations and simulations (ProMechanica FEM)
  • Product and process optimisation
  • Mould-fill and solidification simulation to prevent gas cavities, blowholes, and porosities and to achieve optimal mould-fill characteristic and short cycle times using highly specialised MAGMA simulation software
  • Tool optimisation through the simulation of injection moulding processes and, in particular, temperature differential-dependant properties of metal parts and their surrounding plastic using Autodesk Moldflow

In line with the industry, TCG UNITECH utilises a wide range of CAD applications. In doing so, it is possible to adapt to any customer-related software requirements that may occur when working on mutual projects. For instance, CATIA V5, ProE/Creo and Siemens NX.