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Precision without compromise

Precision is one of the key concepts when producing high-performance components. It is therefore a consistent move for TCG UNITECH to pursue a zero-tolerance strategy regarding measurement technology, laboratory activities and testing in all its plants without any compromise.

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To achieve and maintain the highest quality when manufacturing products and tools, apart from a high specialist knowledge also the application of state-of-the-art measurement technology is required.

  • 16 pcs. 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • 1 pcs. strip light projection
  • 3 pcs. contour measuring machines and 3 pcs. surface measuring machines
  • 2 computer tomographs and 2 X-ray machines
  • Materials analysis laboratory incl. microscopy, leak testing and corrosion testing
  • Coupling of infrared (FTIR) and thermal analysis (STA)
  • 2 VDA 19.1 rest dirt laboratories