High pressure die casting

High pressure die casting in accordance with sophisticated standards

Die casting is the optimal technology for manufacturing technically advanced light metal components in medium to large quantities. Our services consist of five steps: pouring-punching, surface treatment, deburring (machining, cleaning) plus quality control and packaging.

The actual casting is followed by machining and surface treatment. Integrating these three steps into a synergistic cycle process is proving key to improving quality, lead times and overall costs. In the sense of a “sustainable, resource-saving production process, processes for remelting cycle material as well as micro-spraying technologies are used. Advantages of technological know-how enable a high degree of production with multi-cavity molds. The assembly of basic components and bought-in parts into complex assembly units completes our service portfolio.

In die casting, TCG UNITECH uses only highly automated die casting machines, which are integrated into die casting islands designed specifically for TCG, complete with deburring cutters and cooling media.

Our 35 die casting machines for the use of aluminum and magnesium alloys include clamping forces from 340 to 2,800 tons.

Precise mechanical machining

TCG UNITECH produces on more than 95 machining and assembly lines (single and multi-spindle machining centers), primarily with robot loading and as fully interlinked production lines.

Technological highlights:

  • 40 automated machining centers (3-, 4-, 5-axis).
  • 9 shot blasting lines, 3 vibratory finishing lines and 11 washing lines with integrated packaging lines
  • semi-automated machining of water and oil pump housings and covers with 5-axis machining centers
  • 4 fully interlinked production lines: pre-machining, cleaning, assembly, finishing, cleaning, 100% inline measuring, assembly sealing rings, 100% visual inspection and packaging
  • Quality assurance and cleaning

Finishing as well as assembly competence and quality control are the last production steps and at the same time an additional guarantee for perfect products.