Core competencies

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Know how on the highest level

TCG UNITECH has established itself in the manufacturing metal industry for many years as a reliable supplier and system partner with a clear core competence portfolio. Although the growth phases are reflected in the international scope, TCG UNITECH appreciates its regional roots and partners and serves both playing fields with the same commitment.

TCG UNITECH therefore takes advantage of the full range of competences and depth of knowledge – coming from a leading expert in the automotive industry, we have managed to bridge the gap to a flexible die-casting and injection molding specialist, which is able to effectively serve a diversified spectrum of business fields (e.g. energy sector, …).

Our competence strength is based on our extremely broad supply chain and the synergy effects gained from this generate added value for all.


Our strong employee structure enables us to cover a very wide range of operations and services, which is why we are able to implement a broad value-added chain at TCG. Starting with product and process development, we also manufacture our equipment in our own tool shop and subsequently transfer our orders efficiently and punctually to series production. For us, the short cycle times of the individual processing steps, the back-up security provided by our internal process landscape as well as the efficient, resource-saving communication are profitable factors, which we pass on to our partners to the full extent.

Engineering / R&D

  • Engineering
  • R&D
  • Tool and part design
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Prototyping
  • Inspection and test procedures

Tooling & Manufacturing

Raw Part Manufacturing

  • Die casting (HPDC) Al + Mg
  • Plastic and injection molding

CNC Machining


  • Dry ice deburring
  • Washing
  • Surface Treatment
  • Quality Service Center incl. quality check and measurements


  • Complex components
  • Oil- and coolant-pumps
  • Friction stir welding
  • Quality check