Skilled trades

Great career through congenial apprenticeship training

If you want to make it to the top at TCG UNITECH an apprenticeship training is the ideal basis. The best evidence for this are the numerous employees that started their careers as apprentices and now fill important (leadership) positions. During the apprenticeship your individual abilities and interests will be respected and your career management will be aligned accordingly, as exceptional performance can only be achieved if the tasks you do are in line with your interests, your commitment and your talents. That way, you and us together will succeed in laying the cornerstone for a successful career in our company. This leads to the question: Is there anything else that you can expect at TCG UNITECH?

Look forward to…  plenty of expert knowledge – a lot of practical exercises – work with state-of-the-art technology – enhance your creativity, your innovation spirit and your sense of responsibility – recognise correlations – collaborate in a team

You are looking for more than just an apprenticeship? If one skilled trade is not enough you can also earn a second qualification with us or start an apprenticeship training in combination with a university entrance qualification (Matura) at the Kremstaler Technische Lehrakademie (KTLA, apprenticeship training + Higher Technical Institute (HTL)). You can find further information on the website of the school


Former apprentice at TCG UNITECH Herbert Mayr, now manager of plant 1, talks about his apprenticeship:

 “It became clear to me very quickly that I wanted to be a toolmaker. TCG UNITECH gave me the opportunity to master this profession and further develop myself within the structures of the company. My professional qualification and training is a big advantage in my present job because I had learnt the processes and tasks from the basis and now I need this knowledge in my present position on a daily basis. If I would have to make the decision again I would go this path again.



Choose your favourite profession!

TCG UNITECH offers you a wide variety of skilled trades. So it is almost a sure thing that you will find what is right for you.

Metal engineering

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Electrical engineering

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Weitere Details zu diesem Lehrberuf findest du hier.

Plastics technology

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Plastics moulder

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The most important prerequisites to master a technical profession at TCG UNITECH are:

  • Technical and logical understanding
  • Mathematical skills
  • Visual thinking
  • Craftsmanship
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability

If you have these abilities, then there is almost nothing that can stop you from becoming one of our apprentices.

Trade fairs and information sessions

There are various opportunities to learn about our company and the training workshop. We are regular visitors to trade fairs, we invite school groups for meet and greet tours and carry out information sessions.

Here we can meet in person:

  • Introduction of our company in secondary modern schools and new modern schools (NMS) in the area
  • TCG UNITECH Techniktage (secondary modern school and new modern school groups visit our premises for a meet and greet)
  • Jobcocktail in the TIZ Kirchdorf
  • Participation in Girls Day
  • Apprenticeship job market at the Stadthalle Kirchdorf

Our Quality Engineers Denise Weidinger and Lisa Zeller:

girl1 girl2 TCG UNITECH provides us with the opportunity to combine apprenticeship training with a full-value university entrance qualification (HTL-Matura). This enables us to scrutinise and apply the theory in practice. The apprenticeship at TCG forms an important basis for our current work in quality assurance. We wanted to make the most of the professional qualification and learn as much as possible. In the course of this, we received much support from our training instructor and other more experienced apprentices. It is not only the technical knowledge that lets us advance in our current position, but also the social competence. We have already shown that this form of apprenticeship could be just the job for girls as well.

Denise Weidinger and Lisa Zeller, Quality Engineers